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Over the years we have worked with many wonderful people who have found that Anusha Healing has enhanced their lives and opened their hearts. Please see their testimonials below. Our heartfelt thanks to all who have generously shared their experiences.


"My experience of receiving Patsi’s healing is very profound, I always feel a real benefit both emotionally and physically as well as learning new things about myself which impact on my life and my way forward." 

~ Sooz



"I experience the healing energy of Anusha to be truly life changing. Myself, I have been blessed to receive total relaxation, stillness and calm equally alongside an unconditional loving support, courage to overcome self-doubt and a wonderful inner glow of my empowerment flowering again and gaining in strength. I have a total sense of the energy being both male and female and bringing to me a genuine knowing that everything I might need will come to me with love and peace."

~ Lesley



"I came to Anusha deeply traumatised and utterly suicidal. My weekly sessions with Kate have not only saved my life but completely turned it around; I am enormously grateful."

~ Anon



"Anusha came into my life at a time of rapid spiritual and personal development and has been hugely supportive as this personal journey has unfurled. Receiving Anusha healing regularly has been cathartic, powerful and transformational, for which I am eternally grateful. Over the past 4 years I have taken workshops, trained with the lovely Patsi and Kate and am now a Master Practitioner and use the symbols every day. It has enabled me to take my own healing work to another level and channel more Divine energy and hold more light and help many people. Clients always feel its uplifting magic."

~ Susie L



"Anusha has had a profound effect on my life. From my first healing session, which was startling in its intensity, to my becoming an Anusha Teacher a few years later, using this energy has helped me to learn more about who I am and where I’ve come from, and has supported me on my journey to becoming a therapist, illuminating each step of the way. Anusha’s high vibrational energy is perfect for these times. It is like a laser beam of pure healing love and light that goes straight to where it needs to go, helping us to acknowledge and release patterns and blockages no longer needed, whilst empowering us to become all that we can be. A truly amazing gift."

~ Susan



“As a former nurse, I find Anusha Healing truly amazing and delightfully magical. The harmonisation of the mind, body and soul, with the all~encompassing energy of the Stars and Angels. My at-one-ment with Anusha was, for me, the catalyst for changing my way of thinking about healing, for myself and others. Conventional medicine, relying on doctors and medication, is a slow way to heal. Learning Anusha allows individuals to accelerate their own healing. You need to try it ~ to experience it."

~ Cynthia

“Anusha has made an astonishing impact on my life! It's such a warm and powerful yet gentle and loving energy, and really difficult to describe in just a small paragraph! If you don't know whether Anusha is for you, please give it a go! I'm sure you won't be disappointed!”

~ James



“Anusha provides you with amazing tools for life, 13 energetic symbols for self-healing… calm... stillness… peace… serenity, the list goes on! Anusha is a journey of bliss where you can repair and do the “inner work” on yourself. If you become a healer or decide to teach Anusha … you can go out and change lives, you can literally change the world! A great teacher doesn’t make followers; a great teacher makes teachers and leaders… Patsi and Kate have a beautiful way of conveying this information in such a loving environment… so do this for you… I urge you to try it…” Anusha love and blessings

~ Darryl



“My introduction to Anusha healing 9 years ago was a huge stepping stone on my own path of Spiritual awakening and inner peace. I have enjoyed every at-one-ment and workshop with Patsi, Kate and the other Anushees ~ they have created a little haven of love around Anusha healing. I feel truly grateful and supported. Thank you Patsi & Kate xx”

~ Katy G



"Anusha was my first experience of energy healing. It has allowed me to explore and develop a connection with Universal Energy that has been truly life changing. My clients are loving the


~ Lauren



“Patsi and Kate teach the remarkable healing system that is Anusha from a place of deep compassion and heartfelt connection. They are highly intuitive and bring through these powerful healing energies with both humour and a groundedness that make them, in the same instance, celestial but very real and applicable. No recommendation is high enough." Blessings

~ Louise



“I feel much more relaxed, peaceful and calm after my healing sessions. All my worries, concerns and anxiety float away from me. It’s really difficult to describe until you’ve actually experienced it so maybe try it for yourself."

~ Ally



"Anusha gives me a special feeling that I belong and so I never feel lonely. I feel such an inner peace and stillness; I'm amazed when I can feel this in times of crisis. I am so grateful to be part of the Anusha community."

~ Liz E

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