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Anusha is an exciting new energy healing system channelling the sparkling brilliance and scintillating energy of the stars. The first symbol we received, the Master symbol, Nomada, carries the energy of ending your search, finding that elusive answer, the key to contentment and fulfilment and realising that you’ve always had that inside. So, Anusha eliminates your need to look outside to external things or other people and facilitates looking inside and recognising that you already have all you ever wanted, by simply connecting with your own wisdom, your inner knowing. This enables you to stop striving and enjoy the peace and calm of coming home to yourself. That’s the signature of the whole healing system; that you already have what you want, you just need to be quiet, still and calm, to go inside and connect with it.

The Emergence of Anusha


Anusha is the name of a star in Hindu astronomy and means ‘beautiful morning, the first rays of light at dawn’ in Hindi. It describes an energy of extraordinary power which fosters an exquisite sense of peace and calm in the recipient. Anusha brings us home to the truth inside ourselves. Its timely emergence heralds in a new age - The Age of Aquarius, with its emphasis on similarity rather than difference, on unity and sharing rather than duality and division, on harmony and balance rather than discord and disequilibrium.


The name, the nature of the energy, the first twelve symbols associated with it and the atonement (at-one-ment) process were channelled between Easter 2004 and Easter 2007, then a further immensely powerful symbol presented on 3/7/08. The Master symbol was the first to be revealed and its true meaning was a mystery for over a year until five of the other symbols, together with their names and purposes, gradually came through, followed by the atonement process. Eventually, seven more symbols were channelled making the full complement. As the energy was used various associations like colours ~ silver and violet, and the following spiritual connections emerged:

The Number 6 

Symbols (12 is a multiple of 6 and the symbols emerged in 2 blocks of 6), letters in the name Anusha - is connected with harmony, commitment and relationships. It is associated with a desire to love and be loved unconditionally and incorporates the concept that home is critically important, bringing great joy and emotional security.


6 Pointed Star

Eastern religions perceive the two triangles to be in harmonious embrace, their mystical union representing creation. In its three dimensional form as a star tetrahedron it forms the Merkaba, which is made of counter rotating fields of light capable of carrying the consciousness directly to higher dimensions.


Shiva Lingam

Stones found only in the Narmada (Nomada?) river in Western India and accessible during the dry season when they are collected from the river bed and shaped using mud and oils. They contain the highest vibration of all stones on Earth and represent the balance between male and female energy and the harmony and balance of the soul that is maintained within our hearts - the light that shines from within. They are said to be instrumental in DNA activation and rejuvenation, to empower, to protect psychically, to enhance the attunement process, generally improve health and well-being and can be used during meditation to focus energy on positive outcomes.


The Silver Violet Flame

The violet flame of transmutation was granted by the Source in response to an application by the Ascended Master St. Germain following the massive surge of energy created by group prayer and meditation at the Harmonic Convergence. Recently, it has merged with the silver ray of grace and harmony to create the silver violet flame. It can be used to transmute any emotion that feels negative, to purify relationships, events from childhood or past lives. It has tremendous power to release and heal and helps us live in a loving place of power rather than a fearful place of powerlessness.



(with special thanks to Angela McGerr)

Camael ~ (courage, empowerment & justice)

Cassiel ~ (peace, harmony & serenity)

Zadkiel ~ (abundance, wisdom & success)


Ascended Masters

Sananda / Jesus Christ ~ Supreme Spiritual Teacher & Healer, connecting with the Divine Source.

St. Germain ~ the Alchemist / Magical Transformer.

Kuthumi ~ Conveyer of knowledge / wisdom / understanding in times of change.

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