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Counselling & Groups

At Winters Way Therapy Centre we offer Psychodynamic, Person-Centred and Spiritual Counselling, Supervision, and Healing (Anusha, Reiki, Karuna, and Sekhem) as well as Reiki attunements and Anusha atonements (at-one-ments).


Additionally, we offer Personal and Professional Development groups and a FILM (Finding Insight and Learning through Movies) group.


We also run a variety of workshops such as Create the Life of your Dreams and Free Your Spirit in response to requests!



Psychodynamic Counselling


£40 per hour session

Psychodynamic Counselling examines how past experiences may influence our behaviour and thinking in relation to ourselves and others. It allows the time and safe space to explore and be fully heard and held. Psychodynamic therapy is not a quick fix but a journey that can change your life.

We are happy to negotiate concessions for genuine cases. Please ask.

Spiritual Counselling


£40 per hour session

Spiritual Counselling involves being met in a caring and compassionate way whilst engaged in the process of deriving meaning, purpose, and direction in your life. We invite you to move beyond ego and towards expressing your authentic self as you deepen your insight into the connection with all that is.

We are happy to negotiate concessions for genuine cases. Please ask.

Create The Life Of Your Dreams & Free Your Spirit Workshops


£75 per workshop

CREATE THE LIFE OF YOUR DREAMS This inspiring and life-changing workshop enables you to unleash your imagination and create the life of your dreams right NOW!During this stimulating and fun day you will: · identify in technicolour detail the life you want to live by delving into your self at a soul level· visualise and feel, through experiential and creative activities, the day-to-day reality of your desired life· become aware of the BLOCKS that have prevented you from realising your dreams before now and learn how to DISSOLVE them.


FREE YOUR SPIRIT This exhilarating workshop enables you to discover who you truly are . . . the pure, uncontaminated essence of YOU ~ your magnificent spirit! You are presented with exciting opportunities to explore and express this wondrous spirit, the part of you that knows intuitively what fosters your highest good and greatest joy!You can relax, be yourself, feel free to speak your truth, be creative, have fun!


Workshops generally take place on a Saturday between 10am – 4pm at:


Rossetti Hall,

Holmer Green,

High Wycombe,


HP15 5SU


Cost £75-00

(including a depositof £20, payable a month before the day) 


THESE WORKSHOPS WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Please contact us for further information and to reserve your place.Thanks.


Person-Centred Counselling


£40 per hour session

Person-Centred Counselling offers a safe and confidential space to exlore what's happening in your life, express your thoughts and feelings about this, whilst experiencing being fully accepted and understood. You determine the content and pace of the sessions, as you gradually work towards realising your potential and living the life of your choice. 

We are happy to negotiate concessions for genuine cases. Please ask.

The FILM Group (for counsellors)

£30 per 3 and a half hour session



The FILM (Finding Insight and Learning through Movies) group,

co-facilitated by Patsi (left) and Kate, meets for 3 1/2 hours every six weeks and offers an opportunity to explore experiences, thoughts and emotions through the medium of film. Each time members of the group (all counsellors) choose 3 or 4 films to watch before the next meeting, which we then discuss in a lively, respectful atmosphere, generating valuable insights and learning. Additionally, we watch a montage of film clips relating to a particular subject, for example addiction, relationships, loss, sharing our responses and furthering our understanding of these topics as well as providing insights into ourselves. The group is thought-provoking, entertaining and fun!


Heartfullness Group ~ a closed and intimate group of around 6 people meeting every 4/5 weeks to focus on healing the heart . . . from wounded, tarnished heart to healed, shiny heart! Using a multitude of resources/activities such as affirmations, prayers, visualisations, meditations, poems, inspiring quotes, articles, films, music, mandalas, crystals . . . connecting with Angels, Ascended Masters, Goddesses, Elementals and much more! We foster a spiritual way of being by encouraging a daily practice based on the transformative processes engaged in during the group. The work is deep and expansive!




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