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Experiencing Anusha Healing involves you lying on a treatment couch, fully clothed while the practitioner gently places their hands either on your body, or in your aura and channels energy from the stars into your physical, auric and spiritual bodies. The energy has its own intelligence and flows to where it is most needed. The recipient usually feels deeply relaxed and calm, often experiencing a profound sense of "letting go" of earthly anxieties. During the healing session chakras, meridians and life force energies are cleansed and brought into harmonious balance. Old patterns and issues are released and surrendered and replaced with an exquisite feeling of total peace and serenity.


Sessions are individual and unique to each of you as you take whatever you want and need and release that which no longer serves you . . for your highest good and greatest joy!


Sessions last for either an hour or 90 mins, their frequency will depend on the issues being worked with. You will have the opportunity to talk about this with us at the outset and during subsequent sessions.

Issues Helped By Anusha

Mind - Body - Spirit


Physical Pain

feeling ungrounded and unsafe


Boundaries ~

either inappropriately relaxed or rigid


Eating Disorders


Lack of fulfilment ~

sense of something missing

Hormonal imbalances ~

PMT, Menopause, Puberty

Asperger’s Syndrome


Low self-esteem

Feelings of hopelessness

Feeling impoverished, sense of lack ~

in myriad ways e.g. financial



Immune deficiency: illnesses like MS and ME seperatly Energy depletion


Sense of being disconnected,

lost, alone, aimless

Feeling contaminated, toxic



Stuckness, an inability to move forwards and let go of old unhelpful patterns

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